Monday, March 18, 2013

A good three-or-so years ago, during my March break, my family and I visited Montreal (with the intent of eating, sightseeing, and shopping). That week was during Lent, when you pick something to sacrifice or give up for the 40 days leading to Easter. I happened to pick land meats, basically, beef, pork, chicken, duck, and lamb, so I could still eat seafood.

Wondering what those metal baskets are for? Read on ~

With this in mind, please imagine yourself in my shoes (actually, boots because it was winter), as I walk into Le Steak Frites and get bombarded with the mouthwatering aroma of steak. I sat down, studied the chalkboard menus on the walls and concluded that the only non-land-meat entree I could order was the salmon or tuna. So salmon was what I came all the way to Montreal for. 

A few of the many menus they had all around the restuarant

So after having endured being tempted by both parents by their 6oz filet mignons, I thought:

I will come again to eat you *stares at juicy meat*

Warm rolls, served with butter

And I did. I went to the exact same location of St. Frites, but this time, I had the intention of ordering anything but that salmon filet. 

Saumon Fume

Two friends and I shared the tapas so we could try more than one (three, to be specific). This smoked salmon tasted more than just the salt and smoke that you usually taste from the prepackaged and sliced smoked salmon. The taste reminded me somewhat of salmon sashimi, albeit much more seasoned. Of course, capers, diced onions and olive oil are always the best accompaniments to smoked salmon.

Tartare au Saumon

A spoon of this is like a spoon of spicy salmon roll, minus the seaweed and rice. Note that I say like, because no matter how similar it may seem , the seasoning is much creamier and has a pronounced onion taste (making even the anti-salmon-sashimis to enjoy it too!)

Calamars frits

The tartar sauce is really good! I think I put some on my bread just to have more of it when the calamari was all finished. The calamari itself, though, was not especially mind-blowing since I think the fried calamari from Modavie was much juicier and meatier (:

Rosé wine 

This dinner was an all-girls-night, so we thought it would be suitable to buy pink-colored drinks, and Rosé was one of them. The other was a strawberry daquiri which I didn't like that much because it was rather sweet.

Le Steak-Frits (9oz)

They rested this medium rare steak for a sufficient amount of time so that when its cut, a pool of blood doesn't gush out, and every single bite is just as juicy as the previous. The waiter asked which sauce I'd like, and after sensing my indecisiveness, he said he'd being all three for me (mustard, black pepper, and gravy). And the -Frits at the end = unlimited fries = what constantly becomes refilled in the metal baskets

Steak Frits & Chorizo

I didn't have any of these, but I imagine the tapas version of the steak frits to be as wonderful as the one I had. Chorizo, a spanish sausage, was wonderful and juicy, as my friend said.


By checking into the Steak Frites on Foursquare and showing them on your mobile phone, you are entitled to a free tapas dessert! I chose Napoleon because I had creme brulee last time, and none of the other desserts appealed to me much.

Trio Cupcake

Appearing in front of your on a charcuterie board, the red velvet, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes are cute, small, but still taste delicious!

Creme Brulee 

It's the tapas version, so it comes in a small teacup rather than in a ramekin. I personally would choose the regular sized creme brulee over this one just because the ratio of custard and caramelized sugar on top is more equal. 

Steak Frites St Paul on Urbanspoon
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I hope your mouth is watering, stomach is grumbling after reading this, because that was what I experienced while watching my parents slowly devour their filet mignon in front of my beady eyes.



Today I had a spontaneous baking moment:

"I want to make biscottis.
[to my beautiful European friend:]Have some more coffee later, because I'm making biscottis!"

And as I'm typing this, my almond-cranberry biscottis are sliced and undergoing their final bake in the oven to dry up. Outside, the wind is furious, and I can hear it roaring past as my window is open. I tend to have to keep my window open nearly all the time to ventilate my room from the smells of cooking (which can be annoying when I'm in bed and want to fall alseep!)

Take me back to Montreal where they have gelato stores as frequently as icecream stores ~

Today is Monday, and the day that everyone is transitioning from St. Patrick's Day weekend - so I wish you a quick recovery (:

Have you ever been taunted with food?