Friday, March 22, 2013

My posts for my trip to Montreal have been going on for way to long, but here it is: the last part of the trip! Coincidentally, this is also the last day of my stay in Montreal, and having woken up late, we quickly researched for a nice cafe on our phones while still rolling around in the warm bed. 

The twenty or thirty minute walk to brunch

Thé Mon Café on Urbanspoon

A cafe called The Mon Cafe was liked by many on Urbanspoon, so we thought to give it a go. One of us originally wanted to eat crepes, but I convinced her otherwise, since I feel that crepes are always overpriced in restaurants, and I could just make them for her instead (on my Cloer crepe maker, of course).

Outside of The Mon Cafe

Although short, each item on the lunch menu had us drooling before we even saw the actual food. I was tempted by the croissant TMC, but seeing that we took a while to decide, the owner began giving us suggestions to describe their grilled cheese. I am weak before cheese, and when he started telling us that their strong Quebec-made cheese was aged for X0 years, all three of our eyes lit up. We looked at each other and all had the same thought:

"We're not sharing this."

So the three of us ordered one grilled cheese, and our drinks:

The barista was very thoughtful and asked us what kinds of coffees we like, how we like them, and so on, until he had in mind the perfect drink for us.

Cafe Americano

Lovely European friend likes her coffee black and no sugar. Though I typically don't drink my coffee black, Americano has a much different taste than black coffee, and so I enjoyed the few sips I tried very much.

Hot Cocoa

Made from cocoa powder, and dusted with a lattice of more cocoa powder, this hot cocoa should be for those who really like their cocoa hot. Cause this is literally hot - cocoa. It was nice and rich, sadly, too rich for me to have more than one sip.

Medium Latte

This was lovely as it was made with 2% milk (less creamy), and with a strong, strong espresso
And it doesn't hurt to have it look so pretty.

House made cauliflower soup

Grilled Cheese avec Gelee

Extremely crispy on the outside, from grilling evenly butter-coated bread slices, and meltingly delicious on the inside. All grilled cheeses should be made with strong cheeses like this, and served with this:

Crab apple Gelee

This crystal-clear, ruby pink gelee is homemade by the owner's mother, and I cannot think of a single condiment that would better complement the cheese than this one. Well done *claps*

In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I had to rave to the owner about how much I enjoyed it, who, without hesitation, proceeded to give me a small container of it to take home! (:

Enter the bank through the big rotating doors!

From there, we head to a bank that the cafe owner said we should go see because it was constructed so detailed-ly. 

And that concludes my Montreal trip!



Lately I've been deep frying foods quite often. And whenever I do deep fry, we happen to find mounds of food in our fridge that are very deep-fryer-friendly, which includes broccoli, zucchini, onion, sweet potato, any meat, any seafood - and recently, we thought it would be a good idea to try that with apples.

In case you were wondering, it was a good idea. After coating them liberally with cinnamon and sugar, they tasted like little mouthfuls of apple pie. 

Elevator of bank

Ceiling of bank

Some part of bank

I just finished making a blog card! Similar to the idea of a business card, but advertises my blog instead of a business. Hence, blog card *yay*

Please read soon because I will finally post meals I cook again!