Monday, March 04, 2013

My good friends, Sunny and Julie, and I went to Montreal during our reading week,  to visit our friends who are studying in McGill University. But we all know that within the depths of that statement, the true reason of me wanting to go to Montreal was to put some good food in my mouth. *I still love my friends equally as much though!*

Chicken cutlet

Just before the bus ride on the Greyhound, we eat dinner at Nak Won for the first time. We ordered many different dishes: the essential bulgogi, soon tofu, fish stew, grilled mackerel, pork and chicken cutlet, and beef stew.

Spicy beef stew

After our 9 - 10 ish hours of sitting on the bus (where I could barely get a mere 15 minutes of shut eye), we arrived a bit earlier than expected, specifically, at 0430 - yes, in the morning. Deciding that it would not be a good choice to wake up our friends at that time, we searched for a 24 hour place to stop by and have some food in our incredibly hungry stomachs. 

Good morning!

We had our caffeine fix, stalled for 2 hours, then called up our friend and walked uphill in a not-so-pleasant mix of snow and wind to our friend's residence:

This was a hotel, before it turned into a student residence

Since we still never had a real breakfast, Sunny and I left the three other girls (they were in a deep sleep) to go hunt for some baked goods.

Mine: Almond topped croissant, with almond paste inside

And hers: Banana chocolate muffin

Let's fast forward to the night, where the only place that seems to accept a seating at nearly 20:00, is called Modavie. Sunny and I both decided (coincidentally) to try their Prix Fixe menu: she chooses the duck breast, I choose the salmon orechiette

Salade d'epinards

To start, we have a spinach salad, which is dressed with what is like a sweet tangy catalina, but tastes much more real than what you get from a Kraft bottle. 

Eperlans frits

This is fried smelt, which is barely battered, and fried to a super crispiness that cracks when you bite into the juicy hot smelt flesh. The bones inside were soft and not at all a problem to eat, especially when the fish was dipped in their tangy, creamy tartar sauce. And that bed of salad? - Untouched.

Our friends who order calamari at every place they encounter that sells calamari, ordered calamari. The ones here are juicy, have a nice bite, and are especially flavourful, sans sauce.

Orechiette de deux saumons

There is grilled salmon, as well as smoked salmon in this dish. The white sauce is like the better version of Alfredo: richer, creamier, and keeps you wanting more even after half a plate. Along with a scattering of sautéed mushrooms and a generous grating of parmesan, I lick everything off this plate.

Magret de canard, chutney de pommes

The duck is cooked until the insides are still pink, retaining the duck's juiciness. It is served with a sweet, sweet apple chutney, which complements the savoury duck well. The only thing I didn't like was the sautéed vegetables (red bell pepper, green bell pepper, zucchini)  - I'd like to conclude that the overpowering flavour of red pepper when cooked did not go well with the rest of this dish. And that the potatoes were a bit dry. So next time, "I'd like a plate of just duck and chutney please" (:

Tiramisu maison

To end the prix fixe meal, we get our slice of tiramisu. The two layers of lady fingers, which are drowned in a strong liquor and coffee, cut through the richness of the layers of smooth mascarpone cream perfectly. I was extremely compelled to order another slice of these. But my friend who has more sense than I do prevented me from doing so.

People who came in later than us come for drinks and desserts

Modavie Wine Bar Live Jazz on Urbanspoon

Read more about Modavie on Urbanspoon!

Our meal was delicious, our waiter was extremely courteous, and along with the peaceful live jazz, part I of my Montreal trip is concluded.



Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations is all that I've been watching on Youtube lately. Since I've been told from my parents that I'll be going to Asia this summer (the list includes Malaysia, Thailand, and more), I've been far too interested in the foods that I wish were served in Canada, which I fear will never be.

The amounts of foods that need to be blogged about is piling up - a sign that I need to finish my Montreal trip soon!

Cheeses we found in a corner bakery/pastry/food store

My mind is constantly filled with food: what I'm going to eat, what I'm going to make to eat, what I want to eat...

What's occupying your mind nowadays?