Thursday, September 26, 2013

As summer fades away, let me take you back to those days when the warmth of the sun's rays would cast a gorgeous glow all over your body, and when the heat would color your cheeks the rosiest red.

Originally, I was going to make tortilla rolls for the church baptism, but because my mom has so much more common sense than I do:

"Leftover tortilla wraps don't taste good the next day. Make dips instead - it's easier to make and it'll still be good overnight!"

So like always, I listen to my mom and do what she tells me to do, and I immediately thought of making a colorful mixture of veggies as a chip topping. 

Amounts of ingredients are as-you-wish, because that's exactly how I made mine. The taste? You will have to make this yourself so you can then take yourself back into a short burst of what your lovely summer has been.



So I have to hurry and finish this PS part so I can bug my friend to go to the gym with me.

#3 is the kimchi one

The other day strawberries and bananas were on like a super sale. So I stocked up and all I ate for breakfast and lunch was strawberries and bananas. To be more specific, I had a deconstructed smoothie for breakfast. Essentially, cut up strawberries, banana, plain yogurt, chocolate milk in a bowl, with some chia seeds *yum*

So what about those days when I don't have enough time to eat breakfast (that would be every Monday for the next four months if you were wondering)? Then, of course, I would have to break my fast during the afternoon, which by then would no longer be considered breakfast. Last words:

Eat your meals dear readers!