Monday, September 21, 2015

So this is a huge chain from LA and I missed out on eating here while I was in LA.

But coworker and Korean sister was like, this place is so delicious. And that the line is ridiculous long.

Given all this hype and 2 weeks left in Cali, I made a trip with my Korean family (because they eat almost only Korean cuisine, and Gen is pretty Korean)

Somehow we got there before everyone else did and our wait time was <30 minutes. I've heard waits of >1.5 hours.
Interior is very club-like (dim), but enough lighting to take those beloved food pictures.

Well they have just about every meat you want, including my favourite pork cheek Very good

The Korean parents loved the pork large intestines.

We all loved the deboned beef short rib over the boned beef short rib (which had a much thicker layer of fat)
Beef brisket cooks quickly *thumb up*
Pork belly was disappointing. We had all flavours, the miso, garlic, red wine, and regular. All pretty so-so.
They give you the LA style kbbq veggies - cut veggies in marinade of soy sauce, chilli, sugar, sesame oil
GEN Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

$27 gets you all you can eat everything = the entire menu minus drinks

Select waiter/waitresses are very nimble and accurate with what you want. Some are still new (the boy bringing out our plates of raw meats).

Will I go again? - This is probably the one/few ayce kbbq places in San Jose/Santa Clara area, so if I don't want to travel far, then yes. But getting there early is key.


There is such thing as California withdrawal, which are feelings associated with the questions why is the sun not out today?, why is it raining?

At Bouchon Bakery, with the desserts that turned out to be very disappointing

Well after having looked through my pictures again I came across a bunch of pictures I need to post LOL And so east coast will have to be postponed a bit further

Dear readers, hope you get to soak in every bit of the summer left!