Friday, October 02, 2015

When friend from Canada came to visit us in Cali, they were telling us to visit Nola (no, I don't expect you to know who they are, nor do I remember who it was who suggested going to Nola).

So we looked through the menu, and it looked pretty interesting enough - and the feels inside were rather warm and cozy...

We ended up getting sandwiches (wow, something I actually never order, like burgers, but I did anyway).

So here is the grilled chicken/pesto sandwich, oyster sandwich, shrimp po-boy

Macaroni and cheese, salad, fries, for sides

Food was not extraordinary. It seems that we had ordered all the wrong things (we had then been suggested to order jambalaya, amongst other cajun-y things)

Nola Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

But the highlight of the day was not food (what a change) but the visit to beautiful Stanford.

With its own public transportation because it is so large, we ended up staying there for the majority of our afternoon - taking pictures and wishing we went to school there instead of Waterloo (because it is so beautiful)


School has only started for a month, but the temperature has dropped to a point where I feel like winter is already just around the corner.

Some foods to share when the weather was warmer:

Fried fish from the grocery store - they gut, clean, and deep fry it all for you, for free

Weekend dinners when I cooked consisted usually of a plate of tri-tips, and plates of salmon sashimi

And so lucky am I today that I get to eat this exact same meal tonight (steak and sashimi) *yay*

Dear readers, what do you miss from the warmer months?