Sunday, October 11, 2015

There's this plaza in Milpitas that resembles Markham food plaza perfectly. They had your ghetto Chinese bbq/hotpot place, bakeries (85C), restaurants you do Chinese weddings in, and this: Pepper Lunch
Everyone goes to a Pepper Lunch in HK. And since I've never been, and since we were short on time, pepper lunch it was.

The corn on the skillet reminded me of the creamy cheesy corn served at korean bars. *yum*

That doesn't mean it was anything like the korean bar corn. It wasn't.

We got udon and ramen versions, all with the beef, one of us plussed an egg.

I didn't like how after eating the ramen, all the niblets of corn were left - which meant it was quite difficult to get a good serving of corn while eating the ramen. This problem would be solved though, if rice was chosen because then you can scoop it all up nicely. Should have thought this through beforehand.

Pepper Lunch Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Would probably not come back - nothing minimally mind blowing here.

The day before pepper lunch we took my friend to GGB:
And since he wanted to drive down Lombard:
We spent a very long time in the queue of cars slowly coasting down each bend.

I also broke the consecutive posts from Palo with one from Milpitas *yay*

Dear readers, aren't you wishing for some posts with my cakes yet?